Our Vision

  Our Vision  
God Elects Inc. is spreading the Gospel to many over the internet. Here at God Elects, we provide support and resources to help strengthen people’s everyday lives in God.  Our vision is to lend a hand to help kids, trouble teens, single mothers, war veterans, and prison inmates (second change program).  Provide pre-marriage and pre-divorce counseling to couples.

It’s reported that over 20% of our kids in America struggle with Hunger.  We look forward to establishing partnerships with other groups to create innovative methods to make food more accessible to those in need.  Here at God Elects, we will be starting a fund to provide food and supplies to those in need.

The attack is on to destroy our teens, and it’s imperative that we all come together. In urban areas, teens are primarily face with street gang influences that results in early death or imprisonment.  It has also been reported that in other areas, an alarming number of teens are gravitating to a Goth subculture lifestyle resulting in drug addiction and early death.  We are here to inform people of these attacks on our teens, so that a united movement (against these attacks) with love as its foundation may start. 

We hear about teen pregnancy being on the rise, but many of them result in a single parent family. Many single mothers around our nation are faced with serious financial hardships. Even though the scenarios differ how they became a single parent, the hardships are the same.  The children of the most High (Yahweh) cannot look the other way. God has commanded that we take care of the orphans and be a father to the fatherless.  Here at God Elects, we will be starting a fund to provide support to single mothers undergoing extreme hardship.

Many of us are not aware of all the challenges war veterans deal with transitioning back into our society.  A common misconception among many is that our government has addressed these challenges and caring for our returning soldiers. We need innovative methods that better support our veterans as they return back into civilian life. Here at God Elects, we will be starting a fund for war veterans; a readjustment program to assist them spiritually and physically.

In God Elects Inc. we believe in love, justice and mercy for all people and for all creatures. We also believe that we follow the image of God and through his wisdom; we will bring many souls to the Kingdom of Light.

God Elects will soon be extending our reach throughout the United States and countries abroad.           
We will need your support!

God Bless